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Bringing a booth to life that showcased professional audio systems that sound as good as they look.

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Void at ISE



Construct Void’s booth at ISE 2023 which was to showcase just how good their sound systems look and sound. ISE is the leading global expo for audio visual systems and systems integration, the event is now hosted annually in Barcelona.


Void Acoustics entrusted us with constructing their existing booth design, which we brought into reality with our booth construction partner. The primary objective at ISE 2023 in Barcelona was to ensure that their products were showcased with style.

To achieve this, we enlisted the craftsmanship of our construction partners, creating a booth that oozed sleek sophistication. Our design faithfully adhered to Void Acoustics' distinctive color palette, featuring a harmonious blend of black, white and red elements. This design not only provided a visually appealing backdrop but also reinforced the brand's identity.

Void Acoustics was founded in 2002, they pursue the future of sound through obsessive technical innovation and extraordinary design aesthetics. Their products create the opportunity to move people through unforgettable, immersive sound.

ISE, since its relocation to Barcelona in 2021, has emerged as Europe's premier AV and systems integration exhibition. It transcends being merely an event; it serves as a dynamic platform where visionary AV companies unveil cutting-edge technological advancements and foster meaningful business relationships.

In this vibrant setting, our partnership with Void Acoustics stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence in construction and design, ensuring that their booth exuded sophistication and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and industry peers alike.

The level of proactive support was great, and any issues were very quickly and effectively sorted.

Callum Bowran, Applications & Support Manager at VOID





Crafting a supreme quality booth to accentuate products is a specialty of ours.


  • 3-day event
  • 43691 unique attendees (90372 visits)
  • 151 countries
  • 834 exhibitors
  • 48000 m2 of exhibition space
  • 6 zones


  • Stand construction
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Storage facilities
  • Product placement
  • Furniture & custom-built elements
  • Distinct meeting areas

Work process

Our collaboration with the client began when we received their design. We shared some feedback and helped Void introduce innovative features that would amplify their booth. Key to our efforts was to perfect the lighting so that the product was impeccably showcased.

We also incorporated two distinct meeting spaces within the booth. The first, a semi-open area, was designed to create a welcoming ambiance, encouraging engaging interactions with attendees. The second, a discreet and enclosed meeting room, provided a haven for business discussions with both new and existing clients. These additions not only heightened the overall experience but also exemplified our unwavering commitment to fulfilling both aesthetic and functional objectives. We always seek out excellence in design and functionality. Our collaboration transformed their vision into an enticing, sleek booth that matched our usual standard of innovation and excellence.

Working collaboratively with the client was interesting and rewarding; we had to align with their design, and we managed to not only meet their expectations but exceed them.

Constanza Chicco, Project Manager
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