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Designing a stand for a collaborative venture between two companies at ISE

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Ampetronic and Williams AV



Design and build an exhibition booth for Ampetronic and Williams AV to highlight their prowess in crafting cutting-edge assisted listening solutions.



We were tasked with creating an innovative, modern stand for two industry leaders, Ampetronic and Williams AV, who strategically joined forces to make an impact at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022. Ampetronic, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, and Williams AV, a hardware specialist, have seamlessly combined their expertise to pioneer transformative solutions for individuals reliant on assisted listening.

Since its relocation to Barcelona in 2021, ISE has cemented itself as Europe's paramount AV and systems integration exhibition. More than just an event, it's a dynamic platform where visionary AV companies converge to unveil the latest technological marvels and cultivate meaningful business relationships.

The collaborative endeavor of Ampetronic and Williams AV exemplified how their combined strengths can enhance environments through assisted listening solutions. Their joint stand illuminated the profound impact of technology and hardware on the quality of life for those with auditory needs, further solidifying their positions as industry pioneers.


Our stand design and build went exceptionally smoothly and we couldn’t have done it without our partner’s help’.

Ampetronic & Williams AV





We created an innovative stand for two partnering companies Ampetronic and Williams AV


  • 3-day event
  • 43.691 unique attendees (90.372 visits)
  • 151 countries
  • 834 exhibitors
  • 48.000 m2 of exhibitions space
  • 6 technology zones


  • Stand construction
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Reusable stand
  • Storage facilities
  • Furniture & custom-built elements
  • Reception & hospitality areas

Work process

This booth was for returning clients who once again entrusted us with their project, confident that our unwavering dedication to precision will be pivotal in achieving success.

Our mandate was to design a stand that seamlessly integrated with the needs of both partners. This necessitated a bespoke and refined approach. Guided by our unwavering commitment to every details, we left no aspect unexamined, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of both parties concerning booth functionality and product presentation.

This challenge ignited our creative side and we collaborated with our trusted building partners. Their craftsmanship meticulously translated our design plans into reality. These bespoke pieces not only served as elegant showcases but also discreetly concealed spacious storage areas, skillfully merging functionality with sophistication at the project’s core.

Every element was thoughtfully curated, including the discreet concealment of all wiring. Our primary objective was to provide an uncluttered stage where the showcased products and services of our client companies could take center stage, free from distractions that might detract from their products.

The meticulous planning and craftsmanship that defines our work forms the very essence of this project, where every detail is designed to create a lasting impression and elevate the brands to new heights.

I'm very happy with the results; succeeding in bringing the design, features and build to another level compared to the previous year. And what matters most was that the client was happy with the result.

Constanza Chicco, Project Manager
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